Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

Track 1 - IOT and Future Communication Technology 物联网与未来通信技术
IoT Architectures 物联网架构
(Syntactic/Semantic) Interoperability in IoT (句法/语义)物联网中的互操作性
AI and Machine Learning for the IoT 物联网的人工智能和机器学习
Edge AI/edge computing 边缘人工智能/边缘计算
Web of Things including Hypermedia Agents for the IoT 物联网,包括物联网的超媒体代理
New IoT Communication Technologies 新的物联网通信技术
Energy Efficiency and Sustainability in IoT 物联网的能源效率和可持续性
Security and Privacy in IoT 物联网中的安全和隐私
Human Interaction with IoT 人机交互与物联网
Industrial Internet of Things  工业物联网
Novel Applications of IoT in Industry (e.g., manufacturing, agriculture, business processes, etc. )   物联网在工业中的新应用(例如,制造、农业、业务流程等)
Societal Impacts and Ethical Implications of IoT 物联网的社会影响和伦理影响
5G and 6G 5G 和 6G
Next Generation Network Technology 下一代网络技术
interactive communication 交互式通信
Sensor/Ad Hoc Network 传感器/自组织网络
social interaction, mobile communication 社交互动、移动通信
ubiquitous web 无处不在的网络
Wireless communication 无线通信
mobile communication 移动通信


Track 2 - Modern blockchain technology and applications 现代区块链技术及应用
Theories of blockchain and distributed ledger technology 区块链与分布式账本技术理论
New blockchain architecture 新的区块链架构
Security, privacy and trust of blockchain and distributed ledger technology 区块链和分布式账本技术的安全、隐私和信任
Decentralization, scalability, and security tradeoff 去中心化、可扩展性和安全性权衡
Smart contract and chain code 智能合约和链码
Applications and services based on blockchain 基于区块链的应用和服务
Protocols and algorithms based on blockchain 基于区块链的协议和算法
Blockchain in the Internet of things (IoT) 物联网 (IoT) 中的区块链
Blockchain in cyber physical systems 网络物理系统中的区块链
Blockchain in social networking 社交网络中的区块链
Blockchain in supply chain management 供应链管理中的区块链
Blockchain in agriculture 农业区块链
Blockchain in connected and autonomous vehicles 联网和自动驾驶汽车中的区块链
Blockchain in crowdsourcing and crowdsensing 众包和众感中的区块链
Blockchain in mobile cellular networks 移动蜂窝网络中的区块链
Blockchain in edge and cloud computing 边缘计算和云计算中的区块链
Blockchain in next generation communications and networks 下一代通信和网络中的区块链
Blockchain and Cryptocurrency 区块链和加密货币
Blockchain and artificial intelligence 区块链和人工智能
Blockchain and game theory 区块链和博弈论
Blockchain and industry 4.0 区块链与工业 4.0


Track 3 - Computer Vision and Computer Graphics 计算机视觉与计算机图形学
Vision sensors 视觉传感器
Computational photography 计算摄影
3D shape recovery 3D形状恢复
Motion, tracking and video analysis 运动、跟踪和视频分析
2D/3D object detection and recognition 2D/3D物体检测与识别
Scene understanding 场景理解
Occlusion and shadow detection 遮挡和阴影检测
Stereo and multiple view geometry 立体和多视图几何
Reconstruction and camera motion estimation 重建和相机运动估计
Image and video analysis and understanding 图像和视频分析与理解
Medical Imaging 医学影像
Procedural Modeling and Animation 程序建模和动画
Vision-based Techniques 基于视觉的技术
Facial Modelling & Animation 面部建模与动画
Image-based Modelling and Animation 基于图像的建模和动画
Machine Learning for Animation 动画机器学习
AI-based Modeling and Animation 基于人工智能的建模和动画
Animation Compression and Transmission 动画压缩和传输
3D Physiological Humans 3D生理人类
Game-Based Learning 基于游戏的学习


Track 4 - Virtual reality and interactive technology 虚拟现实与交互技术
Artificial Agents in Virtual Reality 虚拟现实中的人工代理
Mixed and Augmented Reality 混合和增强现实
Population Generation for Virtual Worlds 虚拟世界的人口生成
Virtual Cities 虚拟城市
Virtual humans and avatars 虚拟人和化身
VR health applications VR健康应用
Shared Virtual Environments 共享虚拟环境
3D Telepresence 3D 远程呈现
Semantics and Ontologies for Animation and VR 动画和 VR 的语义和本体
Cultural Heritage Applications 文化遗产应用
Haptics 触觉
IoT-enhanced AR/VR/MR, Metaverse, and Games 物联网增强的 AR/VR/MR、元界和游戏
Distributed Ledger Technologies for IoT 物联网分布式账本技术
Real-world Deployments, and Testbeds 真实世界的部署和测试平台
Anthropometric Virtual Human Models 人体测量虚拟人体模型
Crowd Simulation 人群模拟
Immersive Experience and Entertainment 沉浸式体验与娱乐
extended reality 拓展现实
Human body motion and gesture based interaction 基于人体运动和手势的交互
brain-computer interface 脑机接口


Track 5 - Artificial Intelligence and Related Technologies 人工智能与相关技术
Human body motion and gesture based interaction 基于人体运动和手势的交互
Audio and acoustic processing and analysis 音频和声学处理与分析
Automatic speech and speaker recognition 自动语音和说话人识别
Spoken language processing 口语处理
Speech and natural language based interaction 基于语音和自然语言的交互
Group interaction: analysis of verbal and non-verbal communication 群体互动:语言和非语言交流分析
Depth & range sensor data processing and analysis 深度和距离传感器数据处理和分析
Motion Capture & Retargeting 动作捕捉和重定向
Path Planning 路径规划
digital twin technology 数字孪生
cloud computing 云计算
smart robot 机器人
Electronic Games Technology 电子游戏技术
machine learning 机器学习
Smart Voice Technology 智能语音技术